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Smashing Sessions (single pack)

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Delivering amazing sessions takes coaches who are passionate about the game, that care about the people playing, and have great ideas for fun, engaging and competitive hockey.

This pack is all the about ideas. All 50 sessions offer representative practice design that will support learning and give players the best chance of retaining new ideas and transferring them into the game.

The 50 plans are indexed to speed up your session planning. This will allow you to combine different ideas on the same theme or mix and match from the pack to add variety to training.


Simple to use, limitless variations. 

All 50 Smashing Sessions have a clear aim. The index helps you to select the right session for your team.

Each Session has a diagram to show you how to set up the pitch, instructions on how to group players, and suggestions about how make changes during the session to deliver key messages. 

Look out for over 100 Coaching Tips and challenges written throughout the Sessions, whcih will give fresh ideas about how to engage players and how to improve your own coaching.

Save hours of planning, typing and distributing session plans by using these accessible plans to roll out a club or school wide coaching strategy.

With 50 sessions split into 7 easy-to-understand focus areas (all indexed) save time in front of a computer to free you and your team of coaches up to do what really matters: coach. 

  • Physical competency
  • Moving the ball
  • Carrying the ball
  • Goal scoring
  • Defence
  • Penalty corners
  • Leadership and tactics

Use them straight off the page, or adapt them to your players.


Water resistant books, perfect for pitch side.

Printed onto a durable synthetic paper, this book will withstand the test of the elements.


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