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Six packs of Secret Missions (club and school package)

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A discounted bundle of six Secret Mission cards for clubs and schools.

Inspire and connect players with 52 Secret Hockey Missions printed onto a pack of durable plastic playing cards.

This pack contains 52 Secret Hockey Missions divided into 4 colour coded categories that ask players to:

Try something out
Praise your friends
Be a great team mate
Think and reflect

They are designed to challenge players to try new things, to build confidence, be great team mates, and to think about the game.

Give out a handful of cards at the start of each session or before a game. Tell players to hide the card in their pocket or their sock. It is a secret mission.

Check in during the session and ask them how they are getting on.

At the end of the session give them some thinking time and then an opportunity to share their stories.


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